My Portfolio Guide personally welcomes you to get acquainted with us and promises that at least one if not all three of the following tenets can be improved over your current situation:

Unwavering Ethics

The financial industry has never been so full of mistrust, complexity, fraud, and confusion. Unlike Wall Street, we answer to our clients with the highest levels of trust and straightforward investment guidance.

  • As a registered investment advisory firm we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We are completely unbiased and 100% free from any conflicts of interest. We do not sell financial products, nor accept commissions from mutual fund companies, brokerage firms or any third party. Thus, you can be confident that you will receive professional, objective advice that will solely be in your best interest.

  • What you see is what you get. You will not be sold by one slick talking person and then have your portfolio needs or questions delegated to a team of “professionals” (i.e. people you don’t know or have never met). The client is the most important piece to this firm and we don’t farm them out…

Superior Discipline

We believe that there is an art and a science to investing; understanding the connection between the two results in optimal portfolio performance.

  • Science: The discipline we employ is based on scientific studies that have been tested for decades and garnered Nobel Prizes.  Your portfolio is thoughtfully engineered using one of seven customized models that My Portfolio Guide uses as your foundation. Both fundamental and technical analysis is used to determine which of your existing holdings should be retained while also taking into consideration any tax consequences. After your portfolio is implemented, Tactical Asset Allocation along with periodic rebalancing is proactively delivered based on strict benchmark guidelines as well as shifts in the global economic cycle.

  • Art: What we do is customize the “science” to today’s world and each client’s current situation. When it comes to personal investment advice, your needs and goals should be heard by one person who is truly listening and uses their ears before their mouth! Many “professionals” across all fields, fail in this regard, and most often before the relationship even starts. The other piece to the art of investing comes from not just regurgitating what any third grader with a computer can get off of the internet! Much of the remaining investment herd relies on “advice” that comes from huge firms that sometimes have an axe to grind. We use unbiased and world class research, but also believe that it pays to “kick the tires” on our own. Lastly, a crucial part of our approach is not falling prey to the noise and influence of the media or other investment tabloids that disguise themselves as being credible.

Unsurpassed Value

Most Competitive Fees in the Industry: No firm in the entire industry, large or small, offers as competitive a fee for premier and customized investment advice.  Period.

Lastly, and on a personal note….My Portfolio Guide, LLC was created with several intentions. Sure, it’s a business but its foundation and vision are built on passion.

We’re all blessed with individual gifts and talents. From an early age we also gravitate to certain likes and dislikes. With over 20 years studying and working in this industry, we can truly say there is no other way to  combine what we're good at with what we love doing for a living.  We have personally created a firm that promises to share this honest commitment with each client.

We believe that trust is based and built with people, not firms.

Our focus is on clients and their goals, not sales quotas or company agendas. We created this firm and therefore we do not work for one; instead…. we work for our clients.

Wealth is not always created easily and it should be protected with uncompromised ethics and by someone you know and can trust.

We welcome the opportunity to work together.

- Matthew V. Pixa, President  &  Matthew R. Blake, Principal

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